Content Filtering

Content - The substantive or meaningful part.
Filtering - Seperating the desired from the unwanted. A preferential selective process. Emphasizing the desired end.

The Internet can be a content asset or a content liability for your business's productivity. Sometimes you wonder if the efficiency it provides is overshadowed by the time employees waste during the business day on Internet-based activities such as shopping, vacation planning, and playing games. You may also wish to prevent employees from accessing and displaying offensive materials on their desktops.

TheJnet's proxy-free, server-based content filtering can help you maximize productivity and minimize Internet-related risk for your business. Unlike conventional content filtering methods, it can't be disabled or bypassed, even by an employee who knows more about computers than you do.

And with our customized service, you can choose exactly what kinds of content to block for each employee or each computer. Each computer can have a different access profile, configured by the administrator. For example, one computer might access only e-mail, one only shopping sites, and a third the entire Internet except for pornography and game sites.

TheJnet for Business provides T-1, DSL, and dial-up connections; multiple e-mail and webmail accounts; and web site and broadcast hosting.

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