Jewish Education

Jewish - Distinctly or peculiarly characteristic of individual or collective Jewish bodies and standards.
Education -
The act or process of educating or being educated.

A jewish education today is not complete unless it includes teaching children how to use computers and search the Internet. But in a busy classroom with several computers, how can a jewish teacher ensure that students are not wasting time playing games or sending chat messages when they should be doing research? How can a teacher make sure that no student views an offensive site, even accidentally?

JNet's proxy-free, server-based filtering provides the protection you need for your classroom-and it can't be disabled or bypassed, even by a child who knows more about computers than you do. With our customized service, you can choose exactly what kinds of content to block for each classroom, as well as the filtering method. Each class can have its own access profile. For example, one class might have the freedom to explore the whole Internet except for entertainment, pornography, and chat sites, while another class might have access to only a few carefully selected sites.

TheJnet for Schools provides T-1, DSL, and dial-up connections, and we provide multiple e-mail and webmail accounts.

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