Jewish Internet

Jewish -
Distinctly or peculiarly characteristic of individual or collective Jewish bodies and standards.
Internet - An interconnected system of networks that connects computers around the world via the TCP/IP protocol.

JNet is the only Internet service provider in the nation that offers proxy-free, server-based filtering in combination with customized levels of access. Our unique jewish internet technology allows us to offer high-speed, high-security Internet access that is flexible enough to meet diverse needs. Four Profiles Per Account. For each account, you can set up four different filtering profiles. Each profile is independent of the others, protected by its own password and associated with its own filtering method and filtering level.

You want your home to be a safe haven where you teach your children the Jewish values they will build their lives around. You would never think of bringing certain magazines or movies into your home, and you don't want that stuff entering your home through your computer. On the other hand, you want your children to be Jewish Internet savvy and learn how to access its vast resources.

An education today is not complete unless it includes teaching jewish children how to use computers and search the Internet. But in a busy classroom with several internet computers, how can a teacher ensure that students are not wasting time playing games or sending chat messages when they should be doing research? How can a teacher make sure that no student views an offensive site, even accidentally?

TheJnet for School and Business provides T-1, DSL, and dial-up connections, and we provide multiple e-mail and webmail accounts.

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