Parental Control

Parental - Of, relating to, or characteristic of a parent.
Control - To exercise authoritative or dominating influence over; direct.

You want your home to be a safe haven where you teach your children the Jewish values they will build their lives around. You would never think of bringing certain magazines or movies into your home, and you don't want that stuff entering your home through your computer. On the other hand, you want your children to be Internet-savvy and learn how to access its vast resources with your parental control.

TheJnet's proxy-free, server-based filtering provides reliable parental control protection for your family-and it can't be disabled or bypassed, even by a child who knows more about computers than you do. Our customized parental control service lets you choose a different level and method of filtering for each Internet user in your home. For example, you may allow one of your children to explore the Internet within your chosen limits, but restrict another child to only a few carefully selected sites. TheJnet's filtered Internet for the home is available through either dial-up or DSL service.

With JNet, there is no need to compromise either your Jewish values or your productivity when using the Internet.

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